How to become a volunteer


The first step is your desire to become a volunteer. After you need to inform yourself about the profile of our center and what kind of projects CASMED wants to implement. If you did not change your mind and still want to be a volunteer at the Centre “CASMED”, draw up a letter of motivation and explain why you want to be our volunteer, in what area of the organization you would like to be involved, and send it to our email:

We will contact you by e-mail and we will set up a meeting for know better, we will talk about your motivation to volunteer and about CASMED, also we will answer your questions. Broadly speaking, this will be your interview with the Volunteers Coordinator and others who are in charge for the volunteering direction within CASMED. If you convinced us that you are one of the volunteers whom we seek and that we are what you are looking for – Deal!

Once part of our team, we will present in detail the projects in which you can get involved, you will get the job description, with the tasks and responsibilities you will deal with, the resources you will have access to and last but not least, you will know whom to address in case of necessity. In agreement with the Volunteers coordinator, we will determine the duration of your involvement in the project and will sign with you a contract. Like any association that pays much attention to the quality, we will provide training at the beginning of each project.