(Română) Responsabilizare socială în sănătate


At its core, the concept of social accountability emphasizes the relationship between citizens and the state. Citizen participation in the development and monitoring of the implementation of health policies (strategies, national or territorial programs, action plans) and in the process of monitoring the delivery of medical services has begun to gain increasing attention, as part of efforts to develop a people-centered health system and aims to improve the quality and equity of medical services.

Social accountability in health is a variety of actions and mechanisms that citizens, the media and civil society organizations can use to hold health officials and service providers accountable for their obligations to the health rights of beneficiaries.

A social accountability mechanism is a formalized process that aims to ensure accountability. There are three social accountability mechanisms in the Republic of Moldova:

Complaint and Suggestion Book

The Complaint and Suggestion Book is an official register where consumers or service beneficiaries record complaints when they are dissatisfied with a product or service received.

Legislation requires any trader or service provider to have it in a visible place and to eliminate any violations recorded in it within a short time.

At the level of a medical institution, the book allows patients to submit complaints or suggestions specific to a medical service.

Suggestions are then reviewed and discussed at the institution level. If the complaints are justified, changes are made and the patient is informed of this.

Community Scorecard

It is a participatory approach that aims to collect data to estimate, plan, monitor, and evaluate the quality of services and to identify the overall opinion of stakeholders on what is working and what needs to be improved at the level of health services.

Helplines and Hotlines

A hotline is a social accountability mechanism through which citizens can ask questions and express their complaints and suggestions regarding a medical service or institution.

There are several hotlines for the medical sector in Moldova, such as the Ministry of Health Hotline and the Green Line of the National Health Insurance Company. Medical institutions may also have their own hotline for complaints and must publicly display contact information on information panels and informational materials.