Donations regulation


  • Introduction

  • Purpose and objectives

Purpose: Establishing a clear and coherent framework for the management of online donations through e-commerce platforms for the “CASMED” Public Association, in order to ensure the security of data and transactions, transparency in the use of donation funds and the protection of the interests of donors and the organization.


  • Ensuring the security and confidentiality of donors’ personal and financial data.
  • Ensuring a high level of transparency in the use of funds donated to CASMED.
  • Facilitating the donation process for donors and ensuring that it is simple, fast and convenient.
  • Compliance with legal requirements regarding the protection of personal data, taxes and financial reporting.
  • Description of the organization

CASMED Public Association, with headquarters in the Republic of Moldova, Balti municipality, Mircea cel Bătrîn street no. 81, office 51, fiscal code 1010620009171.

“CASMED” Public Association is a non-governmental, independent, non-profit organization, which was registered in December 2010, with the aim of supporting the elderly and other disadvantaged people through the development and implementation of social, educational and health.

For more than ten years the Public Association “CASMED” has developed models of care and support services based on the needs of the elderly or people with disabilities, integrated socio-medical care services, mobile medical care at home, mobile team service, service of social canteen and delivery of hot lunches.

Over the years, the “CASMED” team has learned the meaning of professionalism, respect for beneficiaries and quality of services. As a recognition of the quality of the services provided, the team of nurses won the trophy “The best team of nurses”, offered during the “2018 Health Awards Gala” by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova.

In the course of CASMED’s activity, it provided consultancy and support to more than 25 local NGOs on the development of functional models of social services and community care and organizational development.

The CASMED mission is to improve the health and well-being of different categories of beneficiaries, by expanding access to health services, facilitating community development and encouraging beneficiaries to claim their right to quality healthcare.

  • Online donation services

CASMED offers its donors a series of online donation services that facilitate the donation process and allow supporters to contribute to the organization’s cause in a simple, fast and secure way. These services are designed to offer various payment options and to provide donors with clear and transparent information about how the funds will be used for the organization’s projects and initiatives.

Online donation method available:

Donate directly on the organization’s website: Through the website, donors can access a special section dedicated to donations. Here, they will be able to choose the amount they wish to donate and their preferred payment method.

Donate button: CASMED will display a distinct donation button on its website that is easy to identify and use. Donors will be able to click the button to be redirected to the donation page where they will fill in the details and complete the transaction.

Online fundraising platforms: CASMED will collaborate with online fundraising platforms that facilitate the donation process and provide a secure and user-friendly system for supporters. Donors can choose to donate through these platforms, which can be integrated with the CASMED website.


  •  Definitions


Within this regulation, the following key terms will have the following definitions:

Donor-refers to any natural or legal person who makes a donation in money or other resources to CASMED, through online donation platforms, donation buttons or other payment methods accepted by the organization.

Donation-refers to the amount of money or other material resources offered voluntarily and without reciprocal obligations by a Donor to CASMED in support of the organization’s objectives and causes.

Online donation platforms-refers to third-party providers or technological platforms with which the CASMED Association collaborates to facilitate the online donation process. These platforms offer a range of payment methods and facilities for collecting and managing donations.

Restricted Funds-refers to donations or resources received from Donors with the explicit requirement or condition that they be used exclusively for the specific purpose indicated by the Donor. CASMED will undertake to use these funds according to the request received from the Donor.

Periodic reports-refers to the periodic documents or communications issued by CASMED to donors, in which information will be presented regarding the use of donation funds, the progress and results of projects, as well as other relevant information regarding the organization’s activities.

Privacy of personal data– refers to the policy and procedures implemented by CASMED to protect and ensure the confidentiality of personal data provided by Donors during the donation process. This data will be used in accordance with applicable legal provisions and the organization’s privacy policy.

Impact social– refers to the positive changes and benefits obtained by the community or the final beneficiaries as a result of the projects and initiatives carried out by CASMED, supported by the donations received.

  • Rights and Responsibilities

  • Donor rights:

Donors have the right to the confidentiality of personal data provided in the online donation process.

CASMED is committed to protecting donors’ personal data and using it only for the purposes of donation processing and relevant communication.

Donors have the right to receive clear and transparent information about how the donated funds will be used within the organization’s projects and initiatives. CASMED is committed to providing regular reports and updates on the social impact of donations.

CASMED will express its gratitude to each donor for their support.

Donors have the right to be protected against any abusive or fraudulent practices regarding the donation process.

 CASMED will ensure that all transactions are conducted with integrity and fairness.

Donors have the right to access relevant information regarding the organization’s activities, donation policy and any other matters related to donations online.

The organization will respond to questions and requests promptly and transparently.

Donors are required to use legal financial means. CASMED will not accept donations that come from illegal activities and/or from people with criminal convictions. If such cases are identified, the donations will be returned.

  • CASMED Responsibilities:

CASMED has the responsibility to use the donated funds fairly and efficiently in accordance with the goals and objectives of the organization. All expenses will be transparent and justified.

The organization has a responsibility to protect the personal and financial data of donors and to implement appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access or misuse of data.

CASMED is committed to providing clear and up-to-date information to donors on how donated funds are being used and on the progress of funded projects.

It is the organization’s responsibility to resolve any disputes or ambiguities that may arise in connection with online donations in a prompt and fair manner.

CASMED will comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding online donations, personal data protection and other relevant fundraising issues.


  • Security of data and transactions

  • Security requirements and standards for data processing

The CASMED Association attaches great importance to the security of data and transactions in the online donation process.

In this regard, the organization is committed to implementing rigorous measures to protect the personal and financial data of donors and to prevent unauthorized access to information.

All personal and financial data provided by donors will be collected, used and processed in accordance with the provisionsLaw no. 133/2011  on the protection of personal data and only for the purpose of facilitating donations.

CASMED will not use the information for purposes other than those stated.

CASMED will only request the necessary and relevant information for the donation process and will obtain the donors’ explicit consent regarding the processing of their personal data.

Donors’ personal and financial data will be kept secure and confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties without the donors’ express consent, except as required by law.

CASMED will be guided bySECURITY POLICY in the management of personal data.

Staff and volunteers involved in the management of personal data will be properly trained on the privacy policy and best practices in data processing.

  • Data encryption and protection procedures

All financial transactions made through online donation platforms or other accepted payment methods will be protected by advanced encryption technologies.

Thus, sensitive financial information such as credit/debit card numbers or bank account details will be protected from unauthorized access.

CASMED will use secure connections for data transfer during the online donation process, ensuring that information is properly encrypted during transactions.


  •  The online donation process

  • Accessing the donation platform

Donors will access the official CASMED Association website or the organization’s designated online donation platform. On the donation page, they will find information about the organization’s cause, current projects, and how their donations can make a positive impact.

  • Selecting the amount to donate

After accessing the donation page, donors will choose the amount they wish to donate.

Accessing one of the predefined amount options or the ability to enter a custom amount. 

The maximum total accepted value of a single donation (single donation) via PayPal, E-commerce or directly to the CASMED account, from any contributor, is €1000.

  • Choice of payment method

Donors will be able to choose from several payment methods accepted by the organization, such as credit/debit cards, digital wallets or bank transfer. The organization will ensure that these methods are secure and easy to use.

On the CASMED website, donations are processed through the E-commerce service, using MasterCard or Visa cards. If the currency of the card and the currency of the donation do not coincide, then the conversion will take place according to the rules of the card issuer.

The amount of the selected donation is the net cost that will be paid by the user, without any additional fees. The donated money will go to the account of the Association, which has a contract with the payment processor.

At the same time, CASMED accepts donations through PayPal platforms, which process and manage these donations individually. CASMED’s access to the data delivered on these platforms may be limited, according to the privacy policies of the respective platforms.


Donations can also be made by depositing funds at bank offices or other institutions that process payments, using the bank details of the organization

  •  Completing personal details

To complete the donation, donors will fill in the required fields with their personal information, such as first name, last name, email address and other details requested by the organization. It is important that this information is correct and up-to-date in order to receive proper acknowledgment and acknowledgment from CASMED.

  • Donation confirmation

After checking and confirming all the details, donors will complete the donation process by pressing the “Confirm” or “Pay” button. At this point, the transaction will be processed and donors will receive a confirmation that the donation was successfully made.

Clarification of fees or costs associated with donations and accepted payment methods

  • Transparency of Donations

  • Requesting donor identification data

To ensure transparency and accountability, CASMED may request the donor’s full name and contact details. This information will be used in accordance with the privacy policy and will not be disclosed to third parties without the express consent of the donor.

  • Requesting other relevant information

In cases where the organization considers it necessary or beneficial to determine the origin of the contribution, CASMED may request from the donor any other relevant and necessary information in order to ensure compliance with applicable legal and ethical regulations.

  • Investigations into the provenance of donations

CASMED reserves the right to conduct further investigations to determine the provenance of donations. These investigations may include verification of financial transactions and contacting the donor for clarification and additional details.

  • Refusal to provide information:

If the donor refuses to provide the information requested by CASMED in accordance with the transparency policy and legal requirements, the organization may refuse and return the donor’s contribution.


  • Returning donations

  • Return of donations at the request of the donor

Donors have the right to request the return of the donations made to the CASMED Association within 30 calendar days from the date of the donation. To request the return of the donation, the donor must send a written request to CASMED by registered letter to the address: str. Mircea cel Bătrân 81, of. 51, m. Bălți, MD-3110, Republic of Moldova or to the electronic In his request, the donor will provide the details of the donation made and attach the proof of transfer through the E-commerce platform, connected to our website.

  • Returning donations from people under criminal investigation or serving sentences for illegal activities

CASMED will not accept donations from people who are under criminal investigation or serving sentences for illegal activities. If the organization receives a donation from these sources, the donation will be returned as soon as possible and the relevant authorities will be notified.

  • Decision to return donations

CASMED reserves the right to decide to return donations in justified situations, including when accepting a financial contribution would conflict with the organization’s mission, values ​​or interests, or when the source of the contribution or the donor’s intentions could affect CASMED’s independence or reputation. These decisions will be made responsibly and in accordance with ethical and legal principles.

  • Additional checks

To determine the legitimacy of donation return requests, CASMED may perform additional checks. Thus, the organization can ask the donor for relevant information and documents in this regard. Checks will be carried out discreetly and in accordance with the applicable legislation in the field of personal data protection. 

Unauthorized access attempts on the E-commerce platform and fraud attempts will be reported to the competent authorities.

  • Return process

If the request to return the donation is considered legitimate by CASMED, the actual refund of the payment will be made within 14 days from the time the organization made the refund decision.


  • Disputes and conflicts


  1. Dispute Resolution

CASMED will deal seriously and promptly with any dispute reported by donors or other interested parties. Donors who have questions, concerns or complaints about their donations or the activities of the organization are encouraged to contact our team through the communication channels specified on our website.

  1. Dispute Resolution Process

All disputes and complaints will be recorded and carefully evaluated by the CASMED team. Donors will receive confirmation of receipt of the complaint and information on how it will be handled.

The organization will conduct further investigations, if necessary, to clarify the circumstances and obtain additional information from the parties involved in the dispute.

CASMED will communicate transparently and directly with donors and other stakeholders to find a satisfactory solution. The organization will make every effort to resolve the dispute in a fair and amicable manner.

Any disputes, disagreements or claims resulting from donations will be resolved amicably.

If this is not possible, the dispute will be resolved in the courts of the Republic of Moldova.

  1. Privacy and respect of personal data

All information provided in disputes and conflicts will be treated with confidentiality and compliance with the legal provisions on the protection of personal data. The personal data of those involved in disputes will be used exclusively for the purpose of resolving them and will not be disclosed to other parties without their explicit consent.

  1. Additional resources

If a dispute cannot be satisfactorily resolved through the internal dispute management process, donors have the right to appeal to the appropriate regulatory bodies or seek assistance from outside lawyers or consultants.


The general terms and conditions are considered to be known and accepted by the donor at the time of making the donation. CASMED reserves the right to adjust these conditions in order to facilitate donations or to connect the procedures in accordance with the legislation in force without prior notice.


  • Updates and revisions

  • Regulation update procedure

CASMED recognizes the importance of keeping its regulations up-to-date and in line with legislative developments and the way the organization operates. To ensure the transparency and efficiency of this process, the regulation will be subject to periodic review and the necessary changes will be implemented in a coherent and well-managed way.

  • Revision of the regulation

The review of the regulation will be carried out by the administrative team of CASMED, together with the board of directors of the organization.

The responsible team will carefully monitor relevant legislative changes that may affect the organization’s policies and practices and assess their impact on the regulation.

The administrative team will evaluate the regulation according to the way the organization operates, to ensure that it is appropriate and corresponds to the values ​​and objectives of CASMED.


  • Implementation of changes

Any change or update of the regulation will be brought to the attention of all members of the organization, donors and other interested parties through the official website of CASMED or through other appropriate means of communication. Implementation of the changes will occur as soon as possible after the review process is completed and approved by the steering committee.



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If the amicable settlement of the dispute is not successful, the competence rests with the national courts.

Continued use of this site implies implicit and unconditional acceptance of the respective terms.


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