The Public Association CASMED is a non-governmental, independent, non-profit organization, registered in December 2010, which aims to support the elderly and other disadvantaged people by developing and implementing social, educational, and health projects.

In fact, the work of the CASMED team began four years earlier, in 2006, within the pilot project “Home Care”, implemented by the Public Association Pro Cooperare Regionala with the support of the Swiss foundation HEKS EPER. Subsequently, five organizations from the northern region of the country registered the Public Association CASMED to ensure the development and sustainability of previously initiated home care services.  

Initially, the association was called Center for Socio-Medical Assistance at Home CASMED, but in April 2021, in a proactive rebranding process, it changed its logo and name to Public Association CASMED. 

Area of activity

The NGO „CASMED” operates in the northern and central regions of the Republic of Moldova, covering the municipality of Bălți and rural and urban communities in the districts of Râșcani, Fălești, Sângerei, Florești, Drochia, Rezina, Șoldănești, Soroca, Edineț, and Glodeni.

Experience and Innovation

For over a decade, the Public Association “CASMED” has been at the forefront of developing care models and support services tailored to the unique needs of the elderly and individuals with disabilities. Collaborating closely with Swiss partners, who have been instrumental in supporting the organization since its inception, as well as with various donors and partners locally and internationally, “CASMED” has pioneered integrated socio-medical care services, mobile medical care at home, mobile team service, social canteen services, and the delivery of nutritious meals.

Throughout this journey, the “CASMED” team has honed its expertise in professionalism, upheld a profound respect for beneficiaries, and consistently delivered high-quality services. This commitment to excellence was duly recognized when our team of medical assistants clinched the prestigious “Best Medical Assistants Team” trophy at the esteemed “Health Awards Gala 2018,” hosted by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova.

As a trailblazer in home care services within the Republic of Moldova, “CASMED” has adopted innovative approaches such as the “Kinaesthetics” conceptual system to alleviate muscle tension and back pain among caregivers while empowering beneficiaries to maintain mobility and independence.

Beyond service provision, “CASMED” is deeply committed to promoting the concept of “Active and Positive Aging.” By fostering the active participation of elderly individuals in social, civic, and cultural activities, we have facilitated the establishment of over 30 community groups for seniors and local initiative groups, empowering them to advocate for positive change within their communities.

To further champion active and positive aging and foster intergenerational connections, “CASMED” has organized four editions of the “Grandparents Festival” in collaboration with the National Theatre “Vasile Alecsandri” in Bălți and the National Network of Active Seniors from Moldova, attracting participants of all age groups.

Moreover, for over five years, “CASMED” has refined its practice of conducting participatory needs assessments among the elderly and spearheaded the development of elderly-friendly communities, drawing on methodologies endorsed by the World Health Organization. Since 2017, we have been actively promoting the concept of “Age-Friendly Communities,” providing invaluable assistance to local public authorities in devising age-friendly policies through grants and strategic planning support.

Additionally, for the past two years, “CASMED” has been instrumental in supporting medical institutions in implementing an innovative participatory assessment tool. This tool aids institutions in identifying patient needs, analyzing the quality of medical services rendered, and enhancing service delivery through the collaborative engagement of key stakeholders.

CASMED Portfolio