CASMED presentation


The Public Association CASMED is a non-governmental, independent, non-profit organization, registered in December 2010, which aims to support the elderly and other disadvantaged people by developing and implementing social, educational, and health projects.

In fact, the work of the CASMED team began four years earlier, in 2006, within the pilot project “Home Care”, implemented by the Public Association Pro Cooperare Regionala with the support of the Swiss foundation HEKS EPER. Subsequently, five organizations from the northern region of the country registered the Public Association CASMED with the aim of ensuring the development and sustainability of previously initiated home care services.  

Initially, the association was called Center for Socio-Medical Assistance at Home CASMED, but in April 2021, in a proactive rebranding process, it changed its logo and name to Public Association CASMED. 


Intervention area

The Public Association CASMED works in the northern and central regions of Moldova, in the municipality of Balti and in rural and urban communities in the districts of Riscani, Falesti, Singerei, Floresti, Drochia, Rezina, Soldanesti, Soroca, Edinet, and Glodeni.


Experience and innovation

For more than ten years, the Public Association CASMED has been developing models of care and support services based on the needs of the elderly and of people with disabilities (integrated services of social and medical care, mobile medical care at home, the mobile team service, the social canteen service, and delivery of hot meals), together with Swiss partners, who supported the work of the organization since its foundation, and then with the support of various donors and partners from Moldova and from abroad.

Over the years, the CASMED team has learned the meaning of professionalism, respect for beneficiaries, and quality of services. In recognition of the quality of the services provided, our team of nurses won the “Best Nurses Team” award, granted by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova at the Health Awards Gala in 2018.

The Public Association CASMED is among the top providers of home care in Moldova that apply the conceptual system “Kinaesthetics” in the process of care for the beneficiaries, in order to reduce muscle tension and back pain among the nursing staff and to find new ways to support the mobility and independence of beneficiaries. 

In addition to providing services, the Public Association CASMED pays particular attention to the concept of active and positive aging, stimulating the participation of the elderly in social, civic, and cultural life. Thus, more than 30 community groups of the elderly / local initiative groups have been created and empowered so that they can demand change for the better for their communities.

In order to promote active and positive aging and strengthen the connection between generations, the Public Association CASMED organized four editions of the Gandma and Grandpa Fest, in partnership with Vasile Alecsandri National Theater from Balti and the National Network of Active Seniors from Moldova, bringing together participants of all ages.

For over five years the Public Association CASMED has been honing its practice of participatory assessment of the needs of the elderly and development of communities friendly to the elderly, based on the methodology promoted by the World Health Organization. Since 2017, the Public Association CASMED has been promoting the concept of “age-friendly community”, helping local public authorities become more age-friendly, offering mini-grants and support for the development of local strategic plans.

For two years, the Public Association CASMED has been supporting medical institutions in the implementation of an innovative tool for participatory assessment, aimed to help these institutions identify the needs of their patients, analyze the medical services they provide, and improve their quality by involving different key actors in this process. 

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