Identification card

The NGO „CASMED„ was officially registered on the 13th of December 2010. The organization was created with the purpose to materialize the hopes of and support the people belonging to disadvantaged groups by running social, education and health projects.



Enhancing health and well-being for various beneficiary groups by increasing access to health services, facilitating community development, and empowering beneficiaries to advocate for their right to quality services.



An active and healthy community with equal access to quality services. CASMED aspires to be a guiding center for professionals in the field of community care.



Dignity. CASMED respects human rights and dignity. It interacts with beneficiaries in a personalized and direct manner. CASMED services are designed in a way that doesn’t create dependency.

Responsibility. CASMED is responsible for itself and for all the beneficiaries of its services. It also promotes the development of employees’ responsibility towards themselves.

Respect. CASMED recognizes the value of each person. It shows respect and offers equal opportunities to each beneficiary regardless his/her culture, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, gender, or disability.

Quality. CASMED develops qualitative services according to the quality standards. It adapts its services to the needs and particularities of the beneficiary. The organization applies measures to continuously improve the services quality.

Professional ethics. CASMED respects the professional code of ethics, and interacts with the beneficiaries honestly, recognizing and protecting their privacy.

Equity. CASMED offers equal opportunities both to his team and the beneficiaries of the organization, persevering in creating a healthy balance. It ensures the right to choose.

Volunteering. CASMED considers the volunteers as a valuable resource that helps the Association to achieve its mission more efficiently and effectively.

Partnership. CASMED approaches beneficiaries’ problems in a holistic way, within the framework of a public-private partnership. The association initiates partnerships with community stakeholders to develop community services.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: CASMED values and encourages the initiative of its employees and beneficiaries, fostering the development of creative solutions to existing problems.

Teamwork: CASMED emphasizes effective collaboration and the building of trust-based relationships among team members.

Professionalism: CASMED is committed to having a team of qualified and dedicated professionals who perform their work to the highest standards.

Independence: CASMED encourages employees to make informed and responsible decisions within their area of expertise.


  • Elderly people;
  • Adults with disabilities;
  • Community actors – professionals from the health and social services fields, LPAs, NGOs, schools and kindergartens, media representatives;
  • Community members.



The home care assistance for the elderly is the most important aspect of the organization’s work, trying to cover a broad range of needs, from socialization to assistance in the terminal stages of the disease. The main purpose of these interventions focuses on avoiding and/or overcoming situations of difficulty, vulnerability, preservation of autonomy, and prevention of social exclusion of the elderly. Another direction of CASMED activity is to support the development of non-governmental organizations, providing social care services at home, by offering them information, counseling and training services, grants, and technical assistance. CASMED also cooperates with local public authorities on partnership principles, offering support and assistance to communities wishing to become age-friendly.


For the next 4 years, AO “CASMED” has set the following strategic and specific objectives:

1. Harmonious community development through health promotion and inclusion.

  • Consolidated and accessible medical and social community services for targeted groups in target communities.
  • Improved quality of life for target groups.

2. Development of an active and inclusive community, with a focus on empowering seniors.

  • Citizens are involved in the local decision-making process and active participants in community development.
  • Strengthened civic spirit and social responsibility of community actors.
  • Public policies and services are developed based on the needs identified in the community.

3. Improving adult education through vocational training and supporting lifelong learning.

  • Increased participation of adults in vocational training programs.
  • Adults empowered to take care of their own health and maintain optimal cognitive function for a longer period of time.

4. Strengthening the financial capacity and developing the competencies of the CASMED team.

  • Improved performance of the CASMED team.
  • Consolidated position of CASMED as an innovative leader and reference partner for target groups.
  • Financial sustainability of CASMED ensured.