„Hospital at home” in the field of chronic wound management during the COVID-19 pandemic in Romania and Moldova


Implementing period: July – December 2020

Budget: 39’982 EUR

Applicant: Caritas Alba Iulia

Implementing partner: CASMED NGO

Donor: Central European Initiative


The main objectives of the project are the transfer of know-how in the field of modern wound management, elaboration and distribution of informative materials and treatment of patients with wounds at home in Romania and Moldova during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The main activities of the project are:

  • Purchase of sterile dressings, solutions and ointments for modern wound treatment;
  • Treatment of patients with chronic wounds at home using modern treatment methods;
  • Sharing experience between the experts in wound treatment from Caritas Alba Iulia and CASMED NGO;
  • Transfer of knowledge and support in developing competences in the field of modern wound treatment from the Caritas Alba Iulia experts to their colleagues from CASMED NGO;
  • Developing of informative materials in the field of modern wound treatment (a video tutorial and a guidebook) and their distribution to medical assistants and wound care experts from Moldova and Romania.