„She knows she has someone to wait for, either Elena, or Lilia…”

Mrs. Evghenia V. lives in the village Horodiste, Riscani rayon. A Former worker at the livestock farm, she raised 4 children – 2 boys and 2 girls who left their home, when the time came, and Mrs. Evghenia stayed to live with the youngest of the boys.

Her son works as a mechanic at the tractors brigade to win the bread for himself and his mother and to be able to provide them with the necessary medicines and which cannot be bought from the very small pension the state provides to his mother.

Nine years ago, Mrs. Evghenia suffered an ischemic stroke, that keeps her to bed until now. His son could only feed her in the morning before going to work and in the evening when he returned. Both mother and son were ashamed of the situation and he could assure only a very superficial daily hygiene, washing only her face and hands. One of Mrs. Evghenia’s daughters came each Saturday from another village to bath her mother.

Even her children love and care for their mother, they could not give her the necessary attention and support and remained most of the time alone, and elementary needs were not met.

The situation of Mrs. Evghenia has really changed a year ago when the project was launched in Horodiste and she started to benefit from CASMED integrated services.

Elena Gurau, CASMED social worker visits her daily, feeds the lunch, provides the hygiene she needs, combs her hair, cuts her nails and every time gives her a hug. “I’m doing my job with great love and willingness to help”, says Elena.

Lilia Savitchi, CASMED nurse visits her twice a week and starts her work with measuring blood pressure. She always rubs the affected part of Mrs. Evghenia’s body, to prevent the formation of the bedsores, doses medications prescribed by the doctor and helps her to change position. Since they are doing kinaesthetics together, Mrs. Evghenia’s physical condition has changed. If at first, she spent all the time only in the position of a fetus, today Mrs. Evghenia can independently stretch her fingers, hands, and legs.

Lilia Savitchi: “All our efforts made her feel better. She’s much cheerful than before. She knows she has someone to wait for, either Elena, or Lilia”.