“I feel more active, I gained the courage to live a beautiful life…”

Ludmila Branişte is a CASMED social worker in the village of Racovăţ, Soroca district and works with much love and affection. The story below, written by Ludmila, proves how much her work inspires her, and why she wants to help alleviate the suffering the 16 older people that she takes care of.


The old age is seen by most of people as the hardest period of life, a state full of illness and suffering. It is not, however, the case of the protagonist of my history, Evghenia G., who considers that the old age is not and should not be a sentence.

Mrs Evghenia was born in 1950 in the village of Racovăţ, Soroca district. She grew up and educated two children, a boy and a girl. Unfortunately, the fate was ruthless with her family and took her son when he was only 24 years old.

Mrs Evghenia have worked as insurance agent for 46 years. Besides, Mrs Evghenia is also a skillful craftsman in embroidery. She lives with her husband, while their only child, the daughter, being gone abroad. The only source of income for the old woman is the pension, which she manages wisely.

The Silver age has come with many chalenges to Mrs Evgenia. She had less and less power to carry out her daily tasks, and at some moment, she became bedridden for a long time. This situation affected the old woman enormously, causing her to „sink” in a permanent state of loneliness and sadness “without reason”, as she says.

About CASMED services Mrs Evghenia found out from the local authorities and asked for becoming a HBC beneficiary. This is how we met and as social worker, I started to visit her twice a week and help her with all the necessary stuff. I helped her with housework duties and in the courtyard, brought her wood for fire, paid the bills, made shopping and talked to her, trying to encourage my beneficiary to be strong and not to give up. From the very first visits I noticed that her mood improved: “I feel more active, I gained the courage to live a beautiful life. The days of Tuesday and Thursday, when Ludmila comes, are like a holiday for me: I expect them like the Easter day”, says the old woman.

Because of serious mobility problems, Mrs Evghenia could walk only helping herself with two sticks. Seeing how she was suffering, I proposed her to rent a  walker from CASMED. She accepted this idea immediately. Thus, with the help of the walker, Mrs Evghenia began to come out the house, then out of the courtyard. She began making long walks, even to the market in the center of the village. Besides, Mrs Evghenia started to do exercises, being very motivated to succeed. She says she become another person. “The walker has taken me out of the crisis. I thank the people who sent it to me, thank you very much, this put me on my feet”.

I am proud to be able to offer support and encouragement to older people, that I can make their old age a little nicer.

Author: Ludmila Braniste

Gînga Eugenia, ben.soc. Racovăț, SR (10)-min Gînga Eugenia, ben.soc. Racovăț, SR (23)-min