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Photovoice – another way of citizens’ involvement

Implementation period: November 2019 – July 2020Area: Edinet, Riscani, Falesti and Drochia districts/rayonsProject budget: 23.714 EURODonor: European Union, Konrad Adenauer Foundation The main objective: Increasing the level of involvement of young people and people 50+ in solving the existing problems in six rural localities from the Northern Region of the country. Specific objectives: O1 – Empowerment of the young people […]

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Improved social services

Implementing period: July – November 2019Area: Edineț and Soroca rayonsDonor: Czech Development Agency, Czech Caritas, People in NeedTotal Budget: 16 570 EURAmount provided by donor: 4 700 EUR   Project aims to improve the social home care services for the elderly people and adults living with disabilities in Edineț and Soroca rayons. Project involves the […]

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Expansion and strengthening of home based integrated social and medical care services in Edinet district

Implementation period: July – December 2019 Project budget: 15,000 EUR Donor: Czech Republic Development Cooperation Programme The main objective of the project is improving the health and well-being of vulnerable people (elderly people, people with chronic diseases and people with disabilities). Specific objectives: O1. Increasing the access to integrated social-medical home care services for elderly or people with disabilities from Edineţ town; O2. […]

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A new way to promote democracy

Duration period: June 2019 – February 2020 Project budget: 9040 USD Donor: U.S. Embassy in the Republic of Moldova The overall goal of the project is to encourage citizens participation in local governance. Project objectives: To increase citizens’ participation from Falesti and Glodeni raions in the local decision making processes; To raise citizens’ awareness about the active citizenship and […]

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Towards health equity through social accountability

Project duration: May 2019 – April 2022 Donor: Swiss Development Cooperation Office Partners: Swiss Red Cross, NGO Homecare Budget: 435,022.00 CHF Project goal: The Moldovan population enjoys quality healthcare with adequate financial protection Project outcomes: Moldovan health authorities provide equitable quality health care at local level The Mandatory Health Insurance is sustainable and achieves nationwide […]

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Healthy and Active Aging

Project duration: April 2019 – October 2019 Donor: Austrian Development Agency Budget: 12,866.00 EUR Project goal: The project aim is to keep older people from rural areas healthy and active in the society. Obiectives: Increasing the integration and active participation of the older people in the target communities; Facilitating the development of activity plans for the senior groups; […]

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Equal access to social services for disabled people

Donor: European Commission through the Delegation of the European Union to Moldova (EU), Soros Foundation-Moldova. Budget: 49,972.00 EUR Area: localities from Glodeni district Project goal: Improving the quality of social services provided to disabled people and their families. Objectives: Increasing access to the mobile team services for disabled people in Glodeni district by the end […]

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Caregiver 24/24

Donor: Czech Development Agency, Czech Caritas, People in Need Budget: 2,580.00 EUR Project goal: Developing a 24/24 care service for the older people (Social Entrepreneurship Initiative) within Balti municipalty. The project activities include: Developing a social business plan; Supplying an office with necessary equipment; Recruiting and hiring staff; Staff training; Promoting the business; Customer identification and […]

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Development of the Home Care Service “CASMED”

Duration period: 2017-2020 Project budget: 2 086 302 CHF Donor: Swiss Foundation HEKS The third phase of the project is running. It aims at the development of integrated social and medical care in the localities from the North of Moldova. Project objectives: Enhance access to integrated social-medical home care services for elderly and disabled people; Increase empowerment and participation of elderly in […]

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