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Development of the Home Care Service “CASMED”

Duration period: 2017-2020 Project budget: 2 086 302 CHF Donor: Swiss Foundation HEKS The third phase of the project is running. It aims at the development of integrated social and medical care in the localities from the North of Moldova. Project objectives: Enhance access to integrated social-medical home care services for elderly and disabled people; Increase empowerment and participation of elderly in […]

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Ageing and Health (Phase 2 of the Community-based Healthcare and Active Ageing project)

Duration period: 01.01.2017 – 31.12.2019 Project budget: 790 370 CHF Donor: Swiss Red Cross This phase  of the project focuses on the socio-medical homecare and the promotion of Active Aging and Age-Friendly Communities. Directions of the project: Increasing access to integrated home based social and medical care for the vulnerable elderly and disabled people in Rezina, Șoldănești and Sângerei […]

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Rural Civil Society Organizations as Proactive Actors in the provision and development of community services and promotion of European Integration

Duration period: 01.08.2014 – 31.05.2018 Project budget: 74’560 USD Donor: US Agency for International Development (USAID) through the program “Partnership for a Sustainable Civil Society in Moldova”, managed by FHI 360. The project aims at strengthening the network of the NGOs providers of community services in the North of the country. Project objectives: Facilitate partnership between NGOs from […]

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Active Aging Center

Now you can support our fundraiser by donating to or sharing our crowdfunding campaign meant to develop the concept of active ageing in Moldova. The elderly population in our poor country represents one of the most vulnerable groups of the society. Casmed – a home-care NGO in Balti – decided to change their lives for […]

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Community home care services and active aging

The project focuses on health education and health promotion, as well as providing integrated home care services to vulnerable people in the North-East region of Moldova. The project is currently under implementation, benefiting from Swiss Red Cross funding. The period of project’s implementation is 36 months, starting from 01.01.2014 till 31.12.2016 and being implemented in […]

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Support for Winter & Twice Christmas

The goal of the project “Support for Winter & Twice Christmas” is the reduction of disease risk for vulnerable people, caused by malnutrition and inadequate living conditions. The target group of the project – the population living in poverty: socially excluded elderly and families with many children living in extreme poverty; people who are unable […]

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