Training “Stress at work”



Training with the generic “Stress at work”

Less stress at work for CASMED employees!

Unfortunately, jobs where stress is at a minimum are hard to find, perhaps even impossible, especially in the service delivery process.
A more realistic solution would be for employees to try to adopt effective strategies to reduce their stress.

Therefore, in order to develop stress resilience, 60 employees of AO “CASMED” benefited from the training entitled “Stress at work”, organized within the project: “COVID-19: Resilience and Sustainability of Civil Society ”, implemented by ERIM (former IREX Europe), with the financial support of the European Union.
Thus, during the training, the professionals from the organization discussed what stress is, how and why it occurs, what are the consequences of stress, but also learned new methods to prevent and overcome stressful situations. 🙂

The training process was facilitated by the interactive whiteboard and projector, recently acquired within the project “COVID-19: Resilience and Sustainability of Civil Society”, as a result of which the training session was more dynamic and interesting.

According to Ms. Guilă Liudmila, a social worker, the training session was useful  and intersting , “When you work directly with people, you are also exposed to negative messages, which affect you emotionally and psychologically. The training I participated in, will help me cope more easily with the challenges I face in my daily activities, because I understood what steps I need to take when I feel tired and how to relax, how to organize the day so that I don’t run out and keep a good mood. ”


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